A Big Welcome to Everybody

So, I finally started this FREE tutorial site where you are FREE to download worksheets for your kids and students. It’s been a while since I created this blog and there are many things that this site had undergone.

First,it was intended to be an ecommerce site where I planned to sell different kinds of goods, but I decided against it and went back to my earlier plan which was to share my experiences as a teacher and a writer.

All the contents of this site are my creations and are all free to download. I am only asking you one thing to please refrainĀ  from using the contents for commercial purposes as they are all copyrighted under my name.

Welcome parents,guardians and educators!

Thank you for dropping by and see you around.


Teaching is my passion and life. My more than thirty years in the teaching industry has molded me into a better educator and mentor. I had learned to create teaching materials that I use to effectively enhance learning among my students. Join me as I open the free tutorial site to share my experiences and what I learned in my teaching journey.

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